We are very grateful to the monks of the Dzongkar Choede Monastery in India for creating this special short film for the 28th Annual Tibetan Bazaar. This film features “A Day in the Life” of the resident monks, and beautifully captures their daily rituals as well as some dharma teachings.

Zongkar Choede Monastery is historically one of the oldest monasteries in Tibet. It was established in western Tibet, Mang-yul upper Gung-thang region, in 1270 by the Tibetan king Tri-bum-de-gon, who was the last great scion of Tibet’s royal descendants. The king built the monastery facing opposite to his palace Phodrang Khunzong Karpo (“The White Nest of Eagles”). The monastery, through the time, became a thriving spiritual community in western Tibet and also became a focal point of Tibetan civilization. Over the time it emerged as one of the largest repositories of Tibetan folk and monastic art, music, dance, artefacts and spiritual training.

To learn more about Dzongkar Choede Monastery, please visit: https://dzongkarchoede.org/

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Dzongkar Choede Monastery provides care and education for hundreds of children, many of which do not have any sponsors or financial support from their families. Please consider making a donation to the monastery to offset the financial strain that they are experiencing. Your contribution will go towards building a new library, textbooks, school maintenance, and teachers’ salaries.

Dzongkar Choede Monastery