Kushok Lobsang Dhamchoe

We are truly fortunate to have such a kind and knowledgeable teacher as Kushok Lobsang Dhamchöe in our midst. His warm heart and humorous teaching style attracts many new students from diverse backgrounds and cultures to join our Society’s classes and retreats. His teachings on meditation, cultivating a warm heart, practising patience and many other aspects of Buddhist philosophy are in demand in meditation groups, educational institutions, yoga studios, corporate offices and support groups across Alberta.

Kushok’s intention is to always offer Buddha’s Teachings wherever there is an interest. It is his life-long mission to honour his teachers and help preserve the culture, religion and philosophical traditions of Tibet. Kushok fulfills this personal commitment every day through his activities at Gaden Samten Ling the Society’s Alberta Centre for Peace and Meditation and beyond. Click here to learn more about Kushok.

Kushok will be presenting two Dharma talks on both the Saturday and Sunday during the 2021 Tibetan Bazaar.

Gillian Patton, BSc., BEd.

Gillian Patton is a Teacher, Early Childhood Educator, and Mother of 3 who has been a longtime student of Kushok.

Gillian and Kushok co-teach the Children’s Program, and Gillian teaches the Teen Program with guidance from Kushok.

Our program teaches basic meditation techniques, with a focus on the cultivation of a loving and kind attitude. We base our program on “secular ethics” or aspects of positive character common to all humankind: kindness, compassion, patience, generosity, self control and love.

Gillian will be teaching two classes on Mindfulness for Kids on both the Saturday and Sunday of the 2021 Tibetan Bazaar.

Tiffany Sparrow

With sun-kissed tones and soulful lyrics, Tiffany Sparrow’s music is an invitation to connect deeply and heal, blending her original pop-folk tunes with mantra, world music, and medicine chants. She’s toured internationally and has performed with several well-known kirtan artists like Jai Uttal, Dave Stringer and Krishna Das. As a registered counseling & music therapist, Tiffany uses music and shamanic sound in therapy to help people overcome trauma, body shame and eating disorders. She’s passionate about accessing the power of sound and breath to help us heal and restore wellness in body mind and soul.  

Tiffany just released her debut solo project of original songs “Journey On” and will be releasing another album “Good Place” in the fall of 2021.  You can hear these as well as her other world fusion recordings online at

Tiffany will be performing on the Saturday of the 2021 Tibetan Bazaar.

Sebastien Bolessa

Sebastien Bolessa is an Edmonton based, therapy-minded musician, Yoga instructor, avid explorer of body movement and former martial artist. Accompanying dancers, workshop participants, Yoga practitioners, hospital patients, and more, he seeks to narrate our journeys with living soundtracks. Significantly influenced by the breadth of the worlds’ folk music and the purpose of film scoring, he draws on the magic of live-looping and creating entire soundscapes on the spot. Sebastien draws from the sounds of the Viola, his voice, the Mago/Didgeridoo, Taiko drum, Djembe drum, and more.

You can find Sebastien offering live music in-person or on zoom at such events as those put on by Yoga Within studio, the Ananda Tribe, WUB Gathering, and Sound Vibes. You also can find him on Instagram and Facebook as Sebastien Bolessa music, movement, and Yoga.  

You can watch out for:

Regular sound bath/sound journey live-streams as well as recordings! An album, meditation music, sleep music, study music, and custom recordings for uses ranging from supporting calm during child labour, to scoring a dance theatre production are all in the works. 

Instagram: @sebastien.bolessa

Sebastien will be performing on both the Saturday and Sunday of the 2021 Tibetan Bazaar.

Bernal Ibarra & Andrea Ibarra

Bernal and Andrea Ibarra have been playing music together as a husband-and-wife team since 2006, when they formed the funk rock band Dawn in the City and went on to play professionally until 2014.

Since then, Bernal and Andrea have continued to write music and host many jam sessions out of their home studio.

Bernal and Andrea will be performing throughout the day on both the Saturday and Sunday of the 2021 Tibetan Bazaar.